OUR MISSION at Acheuron Ltd. is to utilize our high-end informatics skills in chemistry and molecular biology to develop safe and effective analgesics as well as other therapeutics for individuals suffering from chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as inflammation and other neuropathies.
      The company works to bring scientifically and clinically validated functional foods to the market that revolutionize health care either by preventing or curing "amyloid diseases", including but not confined to Alzheimer (AD), Parkinson (PD) and type 2 diabetes. Amyloid aggregations are typically malformations of proteins with β-sheets (i.e. β-amyloid in AD; synuclein in PD), which are prone to form toxic plaques in the brain and other tissues in patients over fifty years of age.
      We are expanding our immunotherapeutic product portfolio to "hard-to-target" transmembrane proteins and the development of vaccines against chronic pain. We are in the process to discover therapeutic channel-blocker monoclonal antibodies to various transmembrane domain disease targets.
      Specialty pharmaceuticals are the driving force behind the biotech industry. The company addresses this challenge to improve health through novel and specific molecular surgery technologies that work selectively on targeted pathologic nanostructures, molecular aggregates, cell types, and extracellular plaques.
      The company’s clinical research efforts are directed to validate favorable safety profile, specificity and efficacy of compounds discovered by either the use of robotized bioassays or in silico modeling and docking on the molecular target of interest. Our efforts focus on the optimal routes of drug application carried out with our innovative products. Typically, the preferred routes of our treatments of targeted tissue are topical, oral, intrathecal, and intraganglionic.